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3D Printing Smart Application Service

Manufacture custom parts for consumer electronics, smart applications, energy storage devices, and soft robotics with MJF 3D Hub's high-quality 3D printing services. Choose materials, get instant quotes, and enjoy secure, rapid manufacturing for your innovative designs

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Mass production of electronic and consumer components

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic and consumer component manufacturing, 3D printing has emerged as a transformative force, heralding a new era of innovation and efficiency. It bestows a triumvirate of compelling advantages, including substantial cost savings, tailored part production, and expedited manufacturing cycles. Its application extends across a wide spectrum, encompassing vital components such as engine parts, tools, equipment, functional prototypes, and exclusive limited-run pieces.

Here at mjf3dhub, we're your trusted partner for rapid prototyping and limited production services, specializing in the mass production of electronic and consumer components. With a comprehensive suite of manufacturing technologies at our disposal, we possess the agility to fulfill our clients' needs swiftly and efficiently.

At the core of our capabilities lies Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, a game-changer in precision engineering, rendering parts with impeccable accuracy, smooth surface finishes, and mechanical fortitude that surpasses other 3D printing methods. Our selection of PA12 material further enhances our versatility, distinguished by remarkable resistance to impact, wear, and the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. Additionally, our deployment of Nylon PA12 GB, fortified with 40% glass beads, elevates rigidity, wear resistance, and temperature resilience, making it the material of choice for automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Our service portfolio extends to encompass rapid prototyping and limited production services, spanning a diverse array of industrial and electronic applications, including:

  • Functional Part Prototyping with PA12 Material Using MJF Technology
  • Functional Part Prototyping with PA11 Material Using MJF Technology
  • Functional Part Prototyping with PA12GB Material for Enhanced Strength

Our intuitive and efficient ordering process ensures that results are delivered swiftly, a crucial element in accomplishing your production objectives. Partnering with us expedites project completion, allowing you to put your finished products into the market faster, providing a substantial edge over your competitors.

In an era where innovation and efficiency reign supreme, the synergy between 3D printing technology and our expertise becomes your conduit to unparalleled success in electronic and consumer component production. Join us at MJF3DHub as we venture into the future, where we reshape mass production with precision, speed, and adaptability, igniting a new era of manufacturing excellence.

Thomas is a MJF 3D Hub engineer, expert in 3D printing and manufacturing production of functional components for a variety of industries. He is responsible for keeping our material catalog updated with the latest technologies available in the market.
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