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Nylon PA12

The best 3D Printing material for cost-effective production. Most wanted for MJF manufacturing and largely employed by businesses for protoyping and long runs.

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Nylon PA12 best 3d printing material
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Nylon PA12 MJF is a remarkably versatile material that serves as a genuine alternative to injection moulding, enabling you to rapidly produce anywhere from one to 10,000 prototypes and functional parts in as little as three days.

What sets it apart are its outstanding mechanical properties; it is incredibly durable and boasts excellent tensile, abrasion, and impact resistance, making it perfectly suited for crafting high-quality, functional end-use parts that closely mimic the attributes of injection-moulded PA12. Adding to its suite of benefits, this material excels in high and low temperature environments thanks to its impressive temperature resistance. Leveraging HP MJF technology, it ensures excellent dimensional stability and high surface finish, enabling exceptionally accurate and detailed prints.

Weerg enhances this versatility by offering a wide range of RAL colours specifically for 3D printed parts made of Nylon PA12, but the material itself is also paintable using standard acrylic spray paint. This provides you with unparalleled freedom to customize your parts, allowing for intricate patterns and unique colour applications to give your prints the perfect finish.

check_circle Pros

Fast production

Leveraging Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, Nylon PA12 facilitates the expeditious manufacture of quantities ranging from one to 10,000 units within a three-day time frame, optimizing it for accelerated prototyping and end-product fabrication.

Mechanical Robustness

Characterized by an exceptional synergy of tensile strength and material elasticity, Nylon PA12 is apt for a broad spectrum of industrial-grade applications.

Dimensional Integrity

Components fabricated from Nylon PA12 maintain their geometric fidelity and dimensional specifications even when subjected to mechanical stress or adverse environmental conditions, thereby ensuring the dimensional precision requisite in numerous industrial applications.

Chemical Resistance

Exhibiting remarkable resistance to a wide array of chemical agents, including oils, greases, hydrocarbons, and various solvents, Nylon PA12 is particularly well-suited for sectors demanding stringent chemical tolerance, such as chemical processing, automotive engineering, and medical device manufacturing.

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Thickness limitation

While nylon PA12 is ideal for many 3D printing projects, it has limitations when it comes to thicker parts or very massive components. This may require more careful design or the use of specialised printing techniques.

Parts with large flat surfaces can deform

During the 3D printing process, the material is heated and if different parts of the piece cool at different temperature, this can generate internal tensions in the material. These tensions can cause the parts of the piece that cool faster to bend or warp, creating deformations especially with large flat surfaces. In order to avoid warping, post-production work or design adaptation may be required to ensure dimensional stability.


50 MPa

Tensile breaking load

2000 MPa

Modulus of elasticity


Elongation at break

1730 MPa

Flexural modulus


HDT 0.45 MPa

3.5 kJ/m²

Izod impact resistance

HP-certified 1


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