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Nylon PA12 GB

The Nylon PA12 GB is added 40% with glass beads to improve stiffness and resistance to wear and heat resistance. Perfect for automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

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Nylon PA12 GB, enhanced with a 40% addition of glass beads, offers a versatile solution for various applications including automotive, industrial, and consumer products.

This material is frequently employed in manufacturing seals across mechanical, electrical, and electronic fields as well as functional parts requiring hinge operations. Known for its very low coefficient of friction, it is ideal for designs that necessitate smooth sliding actions. The material's exceptional resilience ensures accuracy of fit and operation, while its durability guarantees long-lasting performance. Resistant to chemical attacks, it provides a safeguard against environmental damage and meets stringent hygiene standards in the food and beverage industry. Its resilience also makes it suitable for challenging outdoor environments, as it can withstand the effects of UV light and high temperatures.

Further adding to its utility are its thermal and electrical insulation properties, which are advantageous for a wide array of building and design components. For large-scale industrial applications, parts made from nylon PA12 GB promise many years of reliable service.

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Highest Thermal Resistance

Nylon PA12 GB is well-suited for high-temperature environments and offers exceptional thermal insulation properties. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where temperature fluctuations are a concern, such as in the automotive and industrial sectors. Its resistance to elevated temperatures ensures that parts made from this material can withstand demanding conditions without compromising their structural integrity.

Rigid Structure

Enhanced with a 40% addition of glass beads, Nylon PA12 GB provides a highly rigid structure that offers enhanced stiffness. This dimensional stability is particularly beneficial in applications that require a high degree of accuracy for fit and operation, such as in mechanical seals or hinge operations. Its rigid nature ensures that the parts will not deform easily, providing long-lasting performance.

Good Wear Resistance

The material excels in applications requiring durability and longevity. Its low coefficient of friction and high resistance to wear make it a go-to choice for designs that require smooth sliding actions or repetitive movements. This wear resistance ensures that parts made from Nylon PA12 GB maintain their functionality and structural integrity even after prolonged use.

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Deformation for large flat surfaces

While Nylon PA12 GB is known for its dimensional stability, it can be susceptible to deformation when used in parts with large flat surfaces. This can be a limitation in applications where maintaining the flatness of a surface is critical. The deformation may affect the part's overall functionality and could require additional design considerations to mitigate this issue.

Fragile Behavior for Thin Thicknesses

Despite its overall rigidity and durability, Nylon PA12 GB may exhibit fragile behavior when used in applications requiring very thin thicknesses. This can make it less suitable for components that demand high tensile strength in slender forms. Special care may need to be taken in the design phase to ensure that thin sections of the material can withstand the forces they will be subjected to during use.


50 MPa

Tensile breaking load

2000 MPa

Modulus of elasticity


Elongation at break

1730 MPa

Flexural modulus


HDT 0.45 MPa

3.5 kJ/m²

Izod impact resistance

HP-certified 1


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